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Are you an American abroad wanting to adopt?
Start your adoption journey with us.

We are a non-profit professional association of adoption social workers and consultants living and working worldwide. Together we have consulted in over 1000 adoption cases in over 100 countries since 1990 for Americans abroad. We provide Hague-accredited home studies and post adoption services for inter country adoptions as employees of three COA and Hague-accredited US International adoption agencies: Little Miracles International Adoptions and Children's House International Adoptions. All of our international adoption home studies fully comply with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements. We also provide adoption home studies and post placement services for US domestic adoptions including family and stepparent adoptions for Americans abroad.

Who We Work With

The Adoption Process in 3 Steps

  1. Pre-Adoption

  2. We consult with our clients on immigration, country and agency selection as part of the adoption home study process suited to your particular circumstances. The home study approves prospective adoptive parents to adopt -- it is a history of your life: background, current circumstances, the decision to adopt, plans for parenting, medical health and financial stability.

  3. Placement

  4. The adoption placement agency assists in creating a dossier and identifies and places a child into a family. We are not a placement agency although we work with dozens of U.S. domestic and international agencies in the U.S.A. to ensure your home study meets all of their requirements.

  5. Post-Placement/Post-Adoption

  6. We provide post-placement supervision, post-adoption home visits, and reports that meet all agency and country requirements.

How to Begin the Home Study Process

  1. Contact us for fees, services, information and consultation.
  2. Set up a telephone call or Skype to discuss your unique situation and adoption goals.
  3. We email you our questionnaire after you have signed the contract and returned it to us. Upon receiving the signed contract we can explore home visit dates and times.
  4. After receiving the completed questionnaire, we will conduct the home visit.
  5. We usually provide the home study report draft for your review in 30-45 days.
  6. Your placement agency reviews the home study to ensure it satisfies their requirements.
  7. We Express Mail or FedEx home study reports to you.

Considerations for Your Adoption Journey

Hague Convention vs. Non-Hague Convention Adoption

If you are living in a Hague Convention Country there may be some restrictions to your adoption plans so please contact us and we can discuss these issues. You may adopt in a Non-Hague Convention Country and follow the I600 process with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You may want to adopt in a Hague Convention Country in which you follow the I800 path for US immigration.

U.S. Domestic Adoption

You may be able to adopt in the U.S.A. as a U.S. citizen living abroad. Usually, this is considered a U.S. domestic adoption.

Adoption Law by State

FAQs on U.S. Non-Resident Adoptions

Selecting an Adoption Placement Agency

Choosing your adoption placement agency is a critical decision in your adoption journey. We can provide recommendations for agencies many of our clients have used successfully.

Current Adoption Trends and Information

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